I organise monthly and yearly walks that link land, landscape, history and the spiritual.

For up and coming walks please see Eventbrite.

Why walk?

In each of the different ways I work, at the core is the physical act of walking. Walking the land with intent and a clear intention. The walking and being with the land allows us to move out of our own way, to connect into our inner guidance and allows us to hear the guidance that can be given from the land That guidance comes through as recognising what we begin to feel, to notice, to hear and the images that drop into our minds.

“Solvitur ambulando” – it is solved by walking, has been a constant companion phrase for me and it works both ways. What I need to understand about where I am and the questions I have, is given to me and then balanced by what the land needs from me.

I have always believed that my connection to the land is deeper, the wilder the landscape I am in or that the landscapes where there is the least interference by man. As man’s interference increases the harder it is to connect. We don’t however, all live in places where access to true wild landscapes is possible or for many desirable and so my passion is to find the connections I’ve felt from the wild landscape and work to bring it to the places we do live, work and walk.

Many others have trodden this path before me and have worked with the landscape in ways that reflected their own time and thinking. We now have the opportunity to pick up this work and make it relevant to where we are today and how we must today connect into the resources to live in harmony with ourselves and with the landscape that nurtures and supports us. 

These people discovered and enhanced pilgrimages routes through cities, large scale landscapes were designed with symbolism to take us on a journey. I am still discovering more pilgrimage routes and designing these same landscapes for us now, for our time. They are all available to us to pick up these connections laid down and listen to the echoes of those voices. 

We need this and the land needs this. Whatever your ability to walk that connection is the only real thing we have to access all our well-being.

Ongoing Walks

  • Shared Growth. Rousham. A symbolic landscape (2015-present).
  • Dragon Walks. Blackdown pilgrimage – a journey into being. (2015-present).
  • Dragon Walks. Walking the Walls (2019 – present).
  • Dragon Walks. Sovereign Soul (2018-present).
  • Dragon Walks. London city pilgrimages (2015 – present).
  • Dragon Walks. Owning our Sovereignty (2015-present).
  • Dragon Walks. The players journey (2015-present).
  • Dragon Walks. The wheel of the year walks. (2015-present)

Past Walks

  • London Open House 2020. Walking in the footsteps of your Sovereignty.
  • London Architecture Festival 2019. Boundaries.
  • Dragon Walks 2019. In search of Sovereignty.
  • Extinction Rebellion 2019. London wall walk.
  • Shared Growth 2019. Pop up pilgrimages.
  • Centro de Estudio Y Diseño del Paisaje 2018. Landscape tour of historic sites and walks.
  • London Architecture Festival 2018. Movies.
  • Shared Growth. Heart of London.
  • Hallows Walk. For the love of London.
  • London Architecture Festival 2017. Pedways.
  • Gatekeeper Trust. Globe to Canonbury Pilgrimage.