Tree Oracles

Trees have been used a form of symbolism for centuries and as a way of helping us to understand what our higher self is saying to us. What to call in, what to let go of and what needs to be seen but is unseen. When we are called to a certain tree we can then, my understanding how it can work with us, gain clarity and support. All things are interwoven in the world, all of us give and receive support to the rest of the world. Trees are one part of that inter relationship and one that I have been fascinated to understand more about and to work in collaboration with on my own journey.

As I research and experience different trees in my own work I will create a tree page here on my own experiences and understanding of the gift this particular tree has to give.


The silver birch is the foundation tree, the one that prepares the way for the rest.

It is a companion tree and works successfully together to the advantage of all. It knows nothing of what will come and puts none of itself in the way of the work it is here to do but does it joyfully and with vigour, knowing that it will provide the perfect setting for what’s to come.

When you feel drawn to the Birch then you are preparing your foundations. The beginning of new things to come and to enjoy the moment and then the letting go of what will not stay but create the next for you.