Symbolic Landscapes

I am fascinated about how landscapes can carry a memory.

How we can pick up on that memory and that it can still be relevant for that day and the next. It depends on how we use what we see and what we feel around us to inform us.

These landscapes can be designed landscapes by creatives who understood, in their time, that creating a memory through design would still be relevant in the future and tell its own story as it was to those who saw it first.

They can also be natural landscapes that through time and tasks have been moulded into landscape forms that we now can feel into and use our unlimited imagination to engage with in an enlightened sense.

I enjoy unpicking my version of what I believe the memory and story that are held within any landscape and then bringing it to life through writing, walking and talking. These landscapes provide each of us with a journey and a framework from which we can learn more about ourselves just because we are here.

Landscapes such as Rousham, Stourhead, Shugborough and Lyveden are a rich legacy to delve into and enjoy.