Solar Festivals

There are rhythms to everything we experience, to the day we live through, to the meals we create. These rhythms exist to give us insights into ourselves and as away we share with others in a collective manner.

The most ancient of all these rhythms are the seasons of the year. Each cycle following on form the last in a certain pattern. As night follows day we know that summer follows spring. Cycles exist at all levels of our lives but it is through the seasons we sense our own place in the rhythm of the earth and our part in the wider whole.

We have always found a way to mark these seasonal changes, to come together as people and celebrate the changes that create the year. These are referred to as solar festivals and my marking them ourselves we not only connect in a deeper way with the natural world but also with ourselves and are able to work on our own sense of self at a deeper level and in tune with the natural processes that exist to support us.

I have celebrated these festivals for years and they are a constant source of joy, delight and insights into my own growth.

At each of these festivals there will be a post describing my insights into the festival and what it means for us today and any events I am creating to form part of a collective celebration.

Litha (Midsummer).

A midsummer solstice layout showing the whole wheel of the year expressed as the flower of life geometry, with the full sun represented at the heart centre. Also known as the Festival of Joy, it celebrates the sun at its highest point of the cycle of the year.

There is also a connection to the midwinter festival directly opposite where at this point the sun is at its weakest but about to return. These mark the cycles of life that we all go through in a year, in a day or throughout stages of our lives.